Paris professional photographer for tourists in Paris

I would be happy to photograph you in our great city.
I am a Paris based well established freelance photographer. I speak French and English. I live in Paris and know Paris very well. There are lots of great places to take photos.
No limit to the number of photos taken, I shoot as many photos as possible so you can get more chances of very good ones. You can be present in my studio to assist with the selection.
All delivered photos are individually retouched with Photoshop latest software. Skin softening with Portraiture included.
I can give you my raw images if you wish, they will be shot with Nikon D4 camera, you need proper software to open them. I use DropBox Pro for Internet delivery

Number of locations depends of how much time you want to spend for photography

My fee varies with the time spent.

My fee for 4 hours of travelling and shooting around Paris,
including post production afterwards (each photo is retouched in Photoshop) is:
600 euros cash, including the delivery of all the pictures on a DVD to your hotel room the following day.
Taxi is extra.

I work with make up artists who charge around 250 euros for half a day. Indoor and outdoor shots included. Digital professional photography with the Nikon D4 of 16 million pixels which allows photography in low light with great quality, all the best lenses.

The optimized photos will be ready the following day late afternoon. I can send them by post to your home or send them by courier to you hotel in Paris if you are still in Paris.
Or I can give them to you raw without editing or optimizing the same night, via our computers.

Here are some of my previous photos in Paris:

I am at your disposal for any query you may have

CHRISTIAN FOURNIER, professional photographer for tourists in Paris
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